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The launch of the new product is the most important part of the product life cycle since this is the time when Amazon system is documenting the sales history of the product which has a huge impact on all further product success in the marketplace.

There are 5 major components of the perfect product launch

The essence of this funnel is that we drive traffic from Facebook to Chatbot and then to the landing page where the customers sign up for the Giveaway. We start driving traffic to this funnel in 7-10 days prior to the product launch. On the giveaway date we announce few winners and offer the giveaway non-winners to get the product at 20% - 30% off.

We drive traffic from Facebook to the Facebook messenger and then in Facebook messenger, we send a link to the landing page with % off offer. In 7-10 days after the purchase has been made we send a follow up in Facebook Messenger and kindly ask to leave a review. This funnel has around 15% - 20% conversion rate from sales to reviews.

Design a beautiful product insert and put it into your product packaging. We have proven design templates and wording for product insert that convert like crazy. Add a QR code on the product insert that customers can easily scan with their smartphone camera using any smartphone and get to the landing page.

Add some very valuable content to the landing page and announce the upcoming product promotions. After getting to the funnel send customers a series of 2 emails over the 7 days period with an immediate value about how to use your product or any other valuable content to build an instant relationship.

In 10 days after receiving the product send customers an email with a short quiz to get feedback about your product.

If your product score 80% or more in the quiz, ask them to leave a review and offer to become a member of the loyalty program in terms of which they will be receiving notifications about all upcoming promotions first.

If the score is less than 50% send them to the landing page with the with a feedback form on what could be improved with the product.

Everything is 100% according to Amazon TOS.

It is very important to get the most relevant and best-performing search terms for your product from the PPC search terms reports over the first 30 days after launch. It is also important to leverage the power of product placements optimization, proven bids adjustment strategy and product targeting campaigns optimization.

The essence of the product launch PPC campaigns is to collect the search terms for: - further campaigns optimization; - getting the list of keywords product ranking external traffic campaigns.

After the initial launch of PPC campaigns stage is over and we have the best performing search terms we need to increase sales velocity for those specific keywords and convince Amazon that our product is selling well for the most relevant keywords from scratch.

The external traffic campaigns management includes:

  • The promotional period is 25-30 days
  • We apply smart keywords clusterization
  • We distribute up to 300-600 coupons over 30 days period per each product (the average conversion from distributed to the utilized coupons is 50%-60%)
  • Rotation of up to 8 different discounts during the 30 days period
  • Rotation of up to 5 different Amazon SEO URL’s
  • Rotation of up to 50 keywords and search terms
  • Allocation of the coupons to each keyword proportionally to the keyword search volume
  • Set of the daily coupons limit to control the increase in daily sales velocity
  • Targeting of 3-5 high-volume and 15-45 middle-tail keywords

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