Hire our Team to Cross Promote your Products in the Frequently Bought Together Section.

Increase Organic Revenue by 10%-15% and Average Order Value
by 15%-20% for your entire portfolio in less than 30 days.

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Only less than 0.01% of the sellers know the secret of cross promoting the products in the Frequently bought together section among all the listings on the storefront.

How it works:

Depends on how big your product portfolio is,
choose your plan

2-6 products 7-15 products 11-18 products 19-27 products 28-50 products
The promotional period is up to 30 days
Analysis of your product portfolio and listing’s traffic volume
Developing an individual Cross Promoting Strategy
Building Sales Funnels for Cross Promotion Campaigns
Integration of Chatbot to the funnel with Followups for getting product Reviews
Designing a set of different images for the Facebook Ad creatives
Creating a set of copy for the Facebook Ad Creatives
Launching test Facebook Ad campaigns for different audiences
Identifying the best images, copy and audiences and scale up of the campaigns
Full support of all active funnels during the entire 30 days period
Weekly reporting on the changes in the Frequently Bought Together section


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