Hire us to build complicated chatbot funnel for getting product reviews individually for your specific product on Amazon using Manychat.

Chatbots is an integral part of successful Amazon
marketing in 2019 and beyond.

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Facebook Messenger channel is a future of successful and healthy growth of your Amazon business.

Grow your loyal brand audience outside of Amazon in the most trendy and fast growing communication channel with the highest open rates ever in the world:

For getting verified product reviews

For getting non verified product reviews

For announcing about the launch of your next products

Channel Open Rate
Email 5% - 15%
Facebook Messenger 60% - 80%

How the chatbot funnel for
getting product reviews works:

Everything in the funnel is built in full accordance with Amazon TOS.

There is no wording about getting refund or rebates in exchange for reviews in the funnel so legally and practically everything is 100% according to the Amazon TOS.

1 Product 2 Products 3 Products 4 Products 5 Products
Analysis of your product features
Creating a beautiful and converting copy for the chatbot funnel
Setting the funnel and all integrations in the Manychat
Designing a set of different images for the Facebook Ad creatives
Creating a set of copy for the Facebook Ad Creatives
Launching test Facebook Ad campaigns for different audiences
Identifying the best images and copy performers and launch of the traffic to the chatbot funnel
Full support of the funnel during the entire 30 days period


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